Featured Products

Sound and Movement Serendipity Earrings
Sound and Movement Serendipity Earrings. Lovely free moving rings happily ride through the opening in the brass shape that is stamped with fossil leaves and veins. Length including hooks is 2" x " wide.

Price: US$50.00

Fan Earrings
Ever-so-Pretty Bluish Green Fan Earrings with copper and silver wire dangles. Etched and gold wash painted. Tiny purple discs too. About 2" long including hook x " wide.

Price: US$52.00

Copper Disc Earrings
An overlaid and etched sterling X Marks the Spot with drama and interest on these pounded, torched, and punctured copper discs. Bound to be in style for the next 1000 years.

Price: US$52.00

Limited Edition Medallion Earrings
You will be remembered for wearing these truly artisan made, Limited Edition Medallion Earrings of silver, copper and brass. They are hammered, etched, filed, distressed and blessed with fire. Just shy of 1" x 1".

Price: US$75.00

Cuff Bracelet
Open Wire Stick Configuration Cuff Bracelet. Industrial yet earthy in appearance. Silver, copper and brass wire. No two will ever be alike. You will adore this piece whenever you see it encircling your wrist. Cuff is 1" wide by 6" circumference and bends to fit your wrist.

Price: US$135.00

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Existing Accounts

     If you have an existing wholesale account with Roggio Silversmiths, then you are only a few short steps away from being able to order and re-order our jewelry online through our web site.

     From any page of this site, click on the word "Login" that appears on the top right corner of the page. From there, click on the "Sign up" button that appears below the "Start As New User" section. You will then be asked to fill in a form with your company's information. You must also create a username and password at the bottom of the form. Once you have filled in the form completely, click the continue button. You should then see a screen that confirms that you have successfully created an account.

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Note: To use your online wholesale account, you must login before placing any items in your shopping cart in order to receive the wholesale price.

Shipping Note:
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